I made this piece of jewelry, a brooch, while thinking about sharp edges and sitting on pins and needles. Art can be comforting and beautiful, but my artwork is often a process of making people uncomfortable. What is it to where discomfort. There are a variety of theories of interpersonal disconnection. Opting out is of value. Saying no is of value. It is as important to cut as it is to sew. While unfortunately, the vast majority of our work as therapists is centered around suffering or problems. Part of queer theory says that there is a sharing in no. There is a joining in sarcasm and casting shade. There is an art to clapping back, to casting shade, to cutting deep, to reading. To some degree participating in therapy means to broach pain or to broach suffering, to wear it to de-stigmatize it. To some degree being a therapist is to broach pain or suffering.

I’m a lover of puns and of language. This is my Broach Brooch, my approach of broach, my jewel of broken glass, bent wire, and sharp pins.

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