Artist’s Statement

ArtistStatementUPdateGette Levy is an established artist living in Wisconsin. They were born in Hawaii, raised in Arizona, and have lived across northeast and midwest of the United States. Their work as an art therapist is inherently connected to their work as an artist. Themes of trauma, domestic violence, generational trauma, family separation, culture shock, and severe and persistent mental illness can be found in Gette’s work no matter where it arises or in what capacity.

On a further note:

I am a polyamourous, queer, non-binary artist who refuses to live in a silence that would erase the struggles and systematic oppression heaped upon my communities. I am an activist. I am a community member and leader. Art is not an activity of leisure but a passionate demand that our world have a better, brighter tomorrow. The support of my chosen family and family-of-origin, my fellow creators and artists, and participants in therapy are my source of empowerment. Without these fearless humans I could not live my life with such passion and happiness. I can not express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. I’m in your debt and will never forget all you have done and all you have taught me.

Additional information and posts about my artwork can be found here.

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