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As an avid comic book fan I’ve fallen in love with the works of Ito Ogure, Frank Miller, Edward Gorey, Todd McFarlane, Mike Deodata, and so many other ASTOUNDING artists. However, the superhero comic book genre is missing something… and if you’ve ever been to a comic book convention or visited a mainstream comic website I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re missing the element that tells fans everywhere that powerful woman don’t need to wear a bikini or skin tight latex but they can if they want to. It’s the missing element that says powerful women can control their powers without the guidance of a man. It’s the missing element that discourages fake geek guys from threatening anyone who disagrees with them with sexual assault and physical violence. It’s the lack of people of color and women in the panels, in the halls, and in the awards. The industry lacks women at the helm, making decisions and directing changes.  So many of us have had enough of it. We’re demanding better characters and strong women, from creators like J.H. Williams, W.H. Blackman, Jamie Hewlett, and Alan Martin.

After spending years reading the comic books, screaming on message boards, and petitioning comic book vendors it’s time to do something different. After watching amazing artists walk away from their work rather than compromise it, I decided that it was time for me to step forward. I’m tossing my hat and my work into the ring. In 2012 I started writing Lilith. I’ve created a kick ass group of  super power toting, no bullshit, no filler, no apologies WOMEN. While there are so many amazing female artists and superhero comics out there I think it’s time for a new wave of superhero. I’ve written and developed a cast of heroes and villains who will take your breath away and knock your block off. These characters are not the 2D propaganda models that gave comic books their hayday, nor are they dependent on being read at this moment in history. Almost the entire cast is women and people of color not as a means of tokenization but as a real people who live in a real world; one that isn’t made up of rich white men struggling to accept their in-vulnerabilities, their responsibilities, or their origins.  I strive for cultural awareness that defies the mainstream media’s perception of what comic books are. So many of us are not the ball grabbing, towel snapping, machismo obsessed comic book fans of public perception. Here is a comic book that aims to take on the tropes while delivering what other comics can’t: An amazing story that has nothing to do with being a woman and everything to do with being a killer.

It’s time for Lilith.

It’s a typical hero’s story. Girl kicks ass, rises to the top, gets screwed over by her boss, and sets out to take that asshole down. Lilith is a highly trained, effective team leader with a military background, a penchant for hiring the most vicious of recruits, and enough anger and vengeance in her blood stream to take on her mentor. She aims to take out the underground, backroom ruler of Center City. She gleefully massacres her way through security to contend with her three proteges, her sisters in battle, while she strategically targets and annihilates everything she helped build.  Lilith is a curly haired, athletic, woman who takes no hostages, apologizes for nothing, and has a single minded determination that will sweep you up and over the edge of sanity and back. Distracted by her beauty? It’s just as easy to kill you while you stare. The balance of power is so fragile you never know the difference between good or evil until there is a razor’s edge at your throat or in your hand.

Join us for non-stop gender-trope-defying, kick ass women toting their powers in epic battles that will blow Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Thor, Hulk,  Marvel and D.C. out of the water and out of the spotlight. This is the new age of superheroes.

This is the age of Lilith

Premier issue released in 2014.

Follow my posts, print and pass out postcards, spread the word, and stay in touch! The war of the comic books has begun and we’re all on the front lines.

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