This art piece was made over the course of 24 hours in total, start to finish. One of Gette’s primary and strongest skillset is fiber art. All of the work is hand-crocheted and hand dyed for this specific piece of art. The larger darker piece acts as a back drop behind which lights are placed, creating a back glow. ROYGBV smaller patterns spiral outward creating a depth based effect. Crocheted is the word composure, stressing that even on tight deadlines, intricate work is required to be of great quality and presented with casual calm- related to emotional labor practices as defined by Arlie Hochschild. So how do we express and appreciate the weight of composure and the expertise of composure?

In truth the struggle of composure is invisible labor. It is lost to us except in cases in which composure is lost. What is it to only notice an absence versus a presence? What is it to ask or require composure under extreme duress, for instance the medical field can refuse to treat patients who curse? This art piece asks the question, is what you see composure? Is it over commitment? Is it beautiful? Is it symptomatic stress?

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