Liweiwu ‘Li Li’ Leolani

LiLi may sound cute and friendly, but this fiery lady is not looking to play second fiddle. She is all about common sense, hands-on order. She’s tactically brilliant, linguistically gifted and one hell of an aggressive business woman. LiLi is looking forward to putting Lilith down; it’s time to show that crazy bitch just who is at the top of the heap.

As an artist, LiLi holds a lot of my feminist anger and aggression. In many ways, she’s a response to the way in which women are ‘supposed to’ behave. Her facial tattoos and aggressive style were originally a bi-product of the character development stage deeply rooted in her background. The more I get to know LiLi, the more I’m aware of just how important those characteristics are not just to her body, her personality, her life but to the comic book. This is not a world of perfect, cookie cutter women looking to win role-model of the year. These are women who are strong, beautiful, tattooed, pierced, and still complete professionals.  That being said, these women are real people; with all of the challenges and disadvantages of living in a world run by misogyny. LiLi’s relationship and place in that world is a story that become increasingly deeply personal the more I write it.

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